Once known as Utkala, which means the land of excellence in art, Odisha is a treasure trove of exquisite handicraft and traditional art forms, a rich legacy of an ancient culture. Evolved slowly and gradually through disciplined efforts of generations, Odisha Handicrafts have retained their seasoned traditional values along with the freshness and charm of their own by combining beauty with utility making Odisha a fabulous market of souvenirs and mementoes. Although there was a time when Odisha was home to a large number of artists & artisans but today there are only a few hundreds left.

Utkalaa.com uses a marketplace model to capture thededicated labour of the artisans scattered all over the state.We at utkalaa.com want to change the way Odisha handicrafts are perceived globally in terms of its quality & design.

After 30 years, when I along with my wife came back to my motherland, I noticed the lack of exposure & promotion of the rich art & craft of Odisha & it saddened me to see there wasnot much patronage given to them.

In our attempt to revive the glorious handicraft industry, we are empowering the artisans and connecting them with global customers so that they can keep their skills alive, preserve the tradition& culture& create exquisite products. This initiative of ours will create a significant impact in generating livelihood to these artisans.

We also believe this journey will not only help artisans of Odisha but also help customers from all over the world discover and buy products which they otherwise are not able to do today and appreciate the worth of these artists’ expressions by ordering their choicest creations.

We hope to put forth a perfect medium to get a glimpse of the spectacular world of the Odisha’s craftsmen’s imagination and the magic of the artisan’s deft hands

As they say starting Utkalaa.com was fate, reaching out to artisans was a choice, but falling in love with the idea of Odisha was beyond our control.